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Melting behaviour of sponge iron in induction

for melting of l X sponge iron in induction furnace Introduction Steel scrap is normally the feed stock for the production of steel in induction furnace

studies on direct reduced iron melting in induction

growth of electric arc furnace EAF and induction furnace iron DRI or sponge iron which is not only a calculation proportion of various charging materials

Sand For Concrete From Steel Mills Induction Furnace

In making MS ingot steel scrap sponge iron is melt in induction furnace These mills grind the slag and recover iron content in it through magnetic separation

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Estimated figure IF Induction Furnace trends in the market we calculated the expected sponge iron production for Other states contribute nearly 51 MnT in India s sponge iron production INDIA S Steel recovery from Scrap 17 MnT 38

Conversion of Mill Scale Waste into Valuable Products via

Aug 30 A maximum iron recovery of 83 was obtained by using graphite compared with 76 However the modern electric arc furnaces are equipped with oxygen of mill scale to sponge iron using coke at different temperatures and tim for 5 Kg mill scale was calculated according to the material balance

Water Requirements of the Iron and Steel Industry USGS

Water use in the iron and steel industry varied widely and depended on the availability of plants a typical median blast furnace required 20 500 gallons of water per ton of pig iron Washing is also used in the recovery In induction furnaces transformer type coils are cooled by oil which in methods of calculation

Development of Charge Calculation program for target

Charge calculation Induction furnace Simulation modelling Material balance Elemental recovery of the charged elements during optimization Furnace and Ladle Furnace System in Steelmaking Facility Iron and Steel Res Int

Furnace Fume Extraction Systems Techflow

From many industrial operations fumes can be generated during processing with Induction Furnace AOD Furnace EAF Furnace SAW Welding SMAW Welding

Induction Furnace and Important Operational Aspects

Feb 14 The induction furnace consists basically of a crucible inductor coil and shell Steel melting scrap direct reduced iron and pig iron/cast irons are the input raw at this stage calculations are made for further additions of the metallics Besides the quality of sponge iron which is sourced mostly from coal

A Study of Energy Efficiency in the Indian Iron and Steel

furnace and Induction furnace routes respectively In India s total final annual energy savings were calculated and compared and in India as well such the Coke Dry Quenching and Top Recovery Turbine among others application in eight sample plants from the Integrated Steel Plant ISP and Sponge Iron SI

Lecture 17 Alternative Charge Materials in EAF Contents

Key words Sponge iron DRI electric arc furnace UHP furnaces we learn from this simple calculation is that one has to supply oxygen under EAF condition and has to reductant would be required to recover iron of FeO from DRI

Market Survey on Iron Ore Indian Bureau of

basic raw material mainly used in the making of pig iron sponge iron steel and alloy steel chemical formula of magnetite in pure form is Fe 0 Large deposits of furnaces induction furnaces or mini steel plants Sponge iron is should be generated for optimum recovery of molten iron from the charge The volume of

Induction Furnace A Review CiteSeerX

calculatedThe review is carried out from the literature in the various journals and manuals Keywords Induction Furnace molten metal productivity Melt rate 1 Raw Material Induction Furnaces are using Steel melting scrap Sponge Iron

Electric Arc Furnace for Clean Steel Environment

Jun 13 Steel It is an alloy of Iron and Carbon Iron in any form acts as the raw material for making steel Induction Furnace IF In this method scrap or DRI is added to the furnace of BOF when taking credit for the gas recovery lower costs for oxygen can be performed as per the above chemical equation

GREEN STEEL MAKING Gas Based Sponge Iron

GREEN STEEL MAKING Gas Based Technology for Sponge Iron Industry uses Electric Arc Furnace / Induction furnace for steel making and uses Scrap Pig Iron and enhanced oil recovery and 3 use an energy source with less carbon than coal Natural gas is primarily methane with a chemical formula of CH4

Guidelines for Abatement of Pollution Steel Re rolling

Steel re rolling mills consume steel scrap sponge iron pig iron and other ferro The emissions from induction furnace include suspended standards to be complied and procedure for calculating the stack height is Recovery of acids from

Researches on the production of self reducing briquettes from

pellets briquettes and agglomerate or sponge iron calculations The second part of the experiments was performed in an induction furnace with a capacity of 10kg Also for determining the recovery rate of iron from briquettes it was

Iron Steel and Scrap Indian Bureau of

Jan 25 steel and iron steel scrap to meet requirement and supply of Furnace/Induction Furnace pig iron/sponge iron Apparent consumption of steel is calculated operating a 400 000 MT per annum heat recovery

Time Required to Melt kg of Cast Iron Using A

Nov 12 The time frame melt kilograms of cast iron is based on the power supply and kilo watts learn how long it takes using this equation

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EIF Electric Induction Furnace DRI Direct Reduced Iron HBI Hot Briquetted Iron natural gas is consumed as a fuel and reducing agent in the sponge iron kiln Average specific emissions was calculated to be about 27 MT CO2/tcs The If all coal DRI units in India had adopted waste heat recovery and also utilized

Electric furnace steel plants

Solid substances used in the electric arc furnace scrap ferrous alloys iron slurry are electrical energy into heat can be achieved by an electric or induction or plasma The raw materials scrap sponge iron pig iron alloying elements etc The waste gas is passed through a cooler which can also serve to recover the

Recovery and utilization of waste heat in a coal based

Recovery and utilization of waste heat in a coal based sponge iron process Vivek Kumar lems inherent in blast furnace and induction furnace process such required is calculated using the initial coal to air ratio calculated in Step 4 and


The process of sponge iron making aims to remove the oxygen from iron ore Superior technical support to induction furnace operators WSL has installed 4 Nos of 10 TPH Waste Heat Recovery Boilers WHRB and 1 Nos of AFBC Boiler

Fundamental Aspects of Alloy Smelting in a DC Arc

Jun 17 DC arc furnaces have been applied to a number of smelting processes reductive smelting process is a function of the recovery of iron which Equations have been developed for the calculation of the mean residence time in a Faraday s law of electromagnetic induction which opposes the change in

Ministry of Steel Department of Metallurgical and Materials

domestic steel sector managed to make a recovery helped by a resurgence in ix In the last four years the Indian Sponge Iron industry grew at an annual rate of Electric Arc Furnace EAF and Induction Furnace IF units with capacity 2 For calculating growth rates CAGR for a five year plan the terminal year of

Direct Reduced Iron International Journal of

Abstract Industrial and experimental induction furnaces are used for melting various types of iron ingots returned scraps and DRI sponge pellets to produce high purity cast iron and steel heats applied to calculate the rate of transfer of heat to the gassing solid only is the slag volume diminished but the recovery of

sponge iron industry Central Pollution Control

Mar 20 The Comprehensive Industry Document on Sponge Iron Industry is one in the series that the Central 76 Waste Heat Recovery Boiler WHRB 110 Pig Iron/scrap in the Electric Arc Furnace EAF and Induction Furnace IF for steel making CO with FeO to form CO2 and metallic iron Equation II

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