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Here is the write up My homemade black powder Page 9

Waltham Abbey ratios are 75 Potassium nitrate 15 charcoal 10 Sulfur Ball milling the complete mix with the nitrate is not necessary

How to Make black powder with a homemade ball mill

Jun 10 See how a homemade ball mill can turn lead balls into an extremely fine powder for use How To Get Potassium Nitrate at a Hardware Store

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United Nuclear Black Powder Manufacture

The formula for Black Powder is 75 Potassium Nitrate 15 Charcoal and 10 Sulfur and like Black Powder MUST be made in a Ball Mill to work properly

Black powder compositions Private Data LLC

Apr 22 It is usually wise to impregnate the charcoal with the potassium nitrate by ball milling the two chemicals together for several hours or by the

potassium nitrate flash powder not so flashy

Page 1 of 2 potassium nitrate flash powder not so flashy working on germen dark i need good ball mill media however when i made t

Making black powder Pyro Creations

Dec 9 Merely mixing the components potassium nitrate charcoal and sulfur does Put the potassium nitrate in your ball mill and mill it for 3 hours

Amateur Rocketry Motor Engine Propellant Jacobs

Black powder is made from Potassium Nitrate KNO3 Charcoal and Sulfur A ball mill with non metallic balls is the only acceptable method and even then


Feb 4 RP BP is Rocket Propellant which is a 18 Potassium Nitrate Ball mill all except aluminum for 24 hours if using a rock tumbler 3 hrs if

Ulrich Bretscher s Black Powder Utah Pyrotechnics

Preparation Merely mixing the charcoal sulfur and potassium nitrate by hand does not make black powder This can be done by ball milling or by the

Patent US Explosive and propellant composition and

Mar 5 A composition according to claim 1 in which the nitrate containing grams of crystalline potassium nitrate were milled in a ceramic ball mill at

How to Make Black Powder WPAG

BP without the need to ball mill live BP in a closed container for hours 2 Empty the Potassium nitrate oxidizer and the pre milled fuel charcoal sulfur

How to Make Black Powder or Gunpowder Azareal s

Jun 10 The usual mixture consists of 75 parts potassium nitrate 15 parts One is to mix the dry ingredients in a ball mill like a rock tumbler with lead

Rheological Analysis of Binary Eutectic Mixture of Sodium and

Aug 11 DSC results of eutectic mixture of sodium and potassium nitrate 60/40 mixture of nitrate 60 wt NaNO3 40 wt KNO3 using a ball mill

Homemade Potassium Nitrate and Sugar Rocket

Sep 10 In this project you ll combine granulated sugar and potassium nitrate to make a powerful engine that can propel a small Great Balls of Fire

Science Minus Details Why Pee is Cool entry 3 Explosive

Sep 13 Metal nitrates in this case 95 potassium nitrate growing from the cellar wall of use these crazy ultra mixing contraptions called ball mills

I have been thinking about making black powder for a few years and

Had anyone used a ball mill and if so any hints or tips PS I did read For safety s sake don t ball mill the potassium nitrate together with the

How to Grind Potassium Nitrate

Feb 27 Http //Skylighter Ned Gorski shows you how to grind granular Potassium Nitrate in a coffee grinder

Potassium Nitrate Gunpowder Powder Explosive and

Potassium nitrate also known as saltpeter or niter is a chemical compound sulfur are mixed by the tumbling action of steel balls in a rotating hollow cylinder black powder in the pyrotechnic trade is to ball mill the Potassium Nitrate and

Ball Mills Mechanochemistry Could Make for Greener

Dec 3 Ball Mill with Iron Oxide and Potassium Nitrate Modern chemical synthesis often requires special environmental factors such as high pressure

Sciencemadness Discussion Board Potassium

One mole of potassium nitrate equates to 79g while a mole of KMnO4 Nitrate was fine but it needs a long ball milling time as compared to

How To Make Gun Powder The Old Fashioned Way in Less Than 30

Dec 30 Next mill or grind your saltpeter Most recommend doing this in a ball mill but I wanted to do this all by hand to get an idea of how it would work

chapter 3 experimentation on nano aluminium and

chemicals in the flash powder like potassium nitrate oxidizer and sulphur ignitor carbide The grinding mechanism of the ball mill is shown in Figure 32

Mfg Black Pdr Gunthorp

Ball Mill Charcoal Cooker Scale Milling Jar Screen Boxes Powder Die In this case there are only three as pictured potassium nitrate charcoal and

Black Powder 101 IHaveADotCom

Black powder consists of three ingredients Potassium Nitrate KNO3 Sulfur and For larger batches you ll want to consider buying or making a ball mill

Historical Aspects and Black Powder Manufacturing Civil War

Jul 30 This is achieved using a ball mill with non sparking grinding The optimum proportions for gunpowder are saltpeter charcoal

Catalytic effect of Fe2O3 Mn2O3 and TiO2nanoparticles on

Catalytic effect of Fe2O3 Mn2O3 and TiO2 nanoparticles on thermal decomposition of potassium nitrate Authors Authors and affiliations Mohsen Ravanbod

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